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What type of business is ready for Pulse on Prosperity®


 In today's blog, I want to share what type of business can be perfect for Pulse on Prosperity®. If you want to learn more about Pulse on Prosperity, head over here! 

Pulse on Prosperity®. is perfect for those that have been in business and entrepreneurial life for five years plus and are interested to create a social impac and their business is doing more than just focusing on the balance sheet.

Now, you may be feeling that you're still operating as a startup, even if you are five years old because that's what happens sometimes. You have this dream desire to start a business for many different reasons and then you end up in a place where things are going well, but you're still operating as if you're an employee yourself and you're thinking, God, I might as well just get a job.

Or sometimes you are just thinking "I've started this long, I can't give up now". There could be lots of reasons going through your head, but my point is, that you're not navigating the vision
anymore like you were in the early days of your entrepreneurial journey. You've realised that you've got to uplevel your thinking and you've got to evolve and you're just not sure how to get out of this very successful stage and take it to the next level.


Well, that's the kind of business that Pulse on Prosperity®. is for. 

There are three things that these kinds of companies fall into that stop their growth and expansion. 


Number One:

You are absolutely not walking your walk and talking your talk, not on purpose. You're just simply falling into old patterns and old habits and not thinking about what you need to do to change on an individual personal level as well as a professional level. And I really work with clients like that. It could be, for example, a simple one. We all want work-life balance, but for whatever reason, you're not giving it to yourself and therefore you're not really impacting the company as a whole. 


Number Two:

The second thing is that you're not feeding the heart of the business. So just like individuals put water and food in our bodies, what are you doing in your business? How are you feeding and truly operating the business to how you want to operate? It is not about what you're reading on social media, what you're being advised. It is what is your heart telling you you should be doing? What do you understand about your business that needs changing? You're not changing it and you know it needs to, otherwise, it would be detrimental to the growth of where you're trying to go.


Number three

And then the third thing that's a lot fall into when they're so busy and they're still in that startup phase and it's really itching to grow to the next level is you're reacting mainly than compared to responding. Not that long spoken to a client is exactly doing that. They've gone into panic, they've gone into fear, they're like, Shoot, what are we doing? And it's just a matter of let's just pause a minute and let's just look at where we're at.


This is where Pulse on Prosperity®, my technique, my proven effective technique that I use with businesses is key because we all need to pause and really listen to where we're heading ourselves, not
what everyone else is saying. And this technique is different for every single individual and business that uses it.

If you're at a stage right now where you're feeling that you're not walking your walk and talking to talk, you are absolutely not feeding the heart of the business and you're realising that balls are being dropped and you're in that start up phase, still, you just do not know how to navigate out of it. And you find yourself reacting and just chasing your tail more than responding. Then reach out, Pulse on Prosperity®. might be the perfect thing for you and your business. 

Pulse on Prosperity® is for those that want to be part of a social impact of some sort. Because businesses want to do more than just make money, they want to do more that impacts their social environment, and the community. And also businesses do well because people want to buy from those kinds of businesses that are doing more. And that might be you!


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