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How to be aligned to your Business


There are many indicators to help you see if you are aligned with your business or not and I have decided to write a series to explain in more detail what they are. To start this series of how to be aligned in your business we are going to start with Social Media. Specifically your numbers on Social Media. 

Now... let me explain.

When we set out to build a business there will always be a reason for it. We all have many different reasons. However, I am going to talk about the main three I see more common every day. 

We have those business owners that start a business for the wrong reason, to name a few, a quick fix from a job they hate, pressure of taking on a family expectation, seeing others do something, and perhaps feeling it may be easy to navigate and succeed at. These businesses will dissolve faster because they are not coming from the right place of their WHY and love for starting it in the first place.

Then there are those that are on a personal quest, they will not give up until they reach their mission.

Finally, there are those business owners that started on a quest, then somewhere on their journey they lost their way and started to see that this is not as aligned to them as they once thought.


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Alignment is a word we hear a lot, especially around social media, so let me simplify this. If you are feeling excited about what you are doing day in and day out in your business, then that is alignment. If I asked you to talk about what you do and you do it with ease, passion, and excitement, I would again agree this is alignment. 

Alignment is when you are in agreement with the steps you are taking in your business and you know there will be a solution because you are on that personal quest to reach your mission.

So if I now ask you:

Are you feeling aligned right now as to why you started your business, would you be able to say yes? If so, great, keep reading as I would love your feedback on what I am suggesting :)

If not, 
how can you get back on track and see that you are aligned with your business? 


For today know that there is no magic complicated formula to be in alignment with your business,  it's actually very simple and here it is: 

Are you in love with your business? Do you feel so passionate about what you are doing that it doesn’t feel like work to you? Are you in agreement with each step you take or does something feel off?

If you are feeling a little doubt when answering this let me break this down further. 

Let’s start by talking about your business numbers for a second, if you are reflecting on where you are right now as a business owner this will be coming up for you. How do your numbers define you as a person, as a business owner as a. (you fill in the blank what you want to say here)? We seem to be conditioned in so many ways that when looking at a number (this can be that in our bank account, likes we have on a post, how many connections/followers we have) that number reflects our value and alignment to our business. But the question is... Does it matter?I used to listen to others: - do this to gain more XYZ,  engage with ABC to... and more!Hey, I’m not saying don’t try these things, if it feels right for you. My point is this is not always right for everyone. Meaning this might not be aligned with you and your business. Let’s take this further and bring in Social Media. Social Media is a huge contributor if you are not feeling aligned with your business right now.We are so overwhelmed with so many things in this world and like many business owners, you still need to promote your business on Social Media, you might then like many others be waking up every morning thinking:

“What shall I post today? ““I can’t think what to post”“No one is reading my posts”"Wow! I’m so overwhelmed going into the energy to just write this - it’s too much."This energy and train of thought are not how we are supposed to be.Numbers of likes, and comments, posting every day, worried about why no one is seeing our posts. I’ve been there, years ago I was just like that. The challenge with this idea is that you are building from your Ego and not the true voice in your heart. Therefore you are out of alignment.

Besides this, if you have Social Media as your only marketing strategy you are also missing out on other ways to market yourself and your business.You want to lead with your energy, intention, and what you are trying to do for others. This is how you will reach those who are ready to work with you. Inspiration will flow easily and come faster when you feel alignment in your business. This is when words will just flow and you won’t care who doesn’t see it as long as you know it will help someone.


Personally, I am not interested in how many followers, likes comments, etc you have. As a customer, what I’m interested in is what you are saying, what do you do and why, and who do you help. can you help me? can you help someone I know?This year I have seen so many of my clients and my own businesses absolutely fly, we are focussing on how we are different and how we get the results OUR way not what everyone else says you should be doing to ensure you get the success you are looking for. We are living in true alignment. Clients we attract, don’t come from force and worrying. Well, not divine clients anyway, they come from flow and ease - those are the Divine Clients.I have one client who recently changed her business and this one change of direction has shifted her energy and voice in a way that she is no longer worried about what to post or when to post, or even if she gets clients.Business alignment is when you are in love with what you are doing, you are shining bright as a star ( you don’t have to label yourself an introvert or extrovert to do this). Your energy shines around you when you’re talking from your inner flame of loving what you do, not being focussed on things that are not important.

Think about the first time you fell in love with someone, you probably would have been shining so bright all would see. It is the same with your business.If you want to check if you are aligned with what you are saying on Social Media then I want to invite you to do the following: 

  • Stop focussing on others and focus on you 
  • Are you coming from the right place and focussing on what your quest is or just what the numbers and your balance sheet look like? Don’t get me wrong you’re in business to make money. But love will attract those you want to help and therefore by automatic fault your business makes money. 
  • Stop looking at the numbers and enjoy the process of what you are doing. You are unique and have a business that is meant for positive contribution. 

I look forward to sharing Series 2 with you which is about the Energy in your business and how to ensure this is aligned and the tools you can use to drive your business forward.



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