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How to build your business from your intuition



All business owners and entrepreneurs are on their own at the beginning of their business journey. It is them and them alone that have an idea and want to take that leap for their dreams to become a reality, and it takes courage, strength, and inner wisdom to do that. When I say inner wisdom, this is your intuition. You know that feeling that excitement, that knowing when you decide to start any business something is calling you, how to begin, how to gain those first sales, how to take the first step of that vision you have created. This is your intuition speaking to you. It is calling to you and throwing suggestions on how to raise the working capital, where to look for premises, the advantages and disadvantages of starting out in the garage or at the kitchen table, or how to build that first team. My point is as soon as you have decided you want to build a business you are already listening to your intuition. This is leading you and you are listening to your heart that excitement and belief in YOU and what is possible.


I have discussed in past blogs the reasons why and when it is always a good idea to consider inviting a Business Mentor/Visionary into your business. One of them is when you are building your business and that wisdom of yours, that intuition is shouting so loud you can no longer hear it, due to the noise the outside world is creating. Those fears, doubts, your ego, and of course the challenges we all have in life and in business are overshadowing your intuition. You want to be able to stop the noise and regain some balance as you had right at the beginning when you started out so that you can continue to build your business from your inner wisdom and not from any other place.


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How can a Visionary help you grow your business?


A Business Mentor/Visionary can look at your business from a higher perspective, they can see from their intuition, their gifts, and their experience how to help you navigate your journey that is aligned. They are there to remind you that you do know what you are doing and to remind you of your vision and to keep moving forward. I have a great passion for as many as possible to see what they truly are meant to do and in business, this is one of many areas you truly can excel if you believe in you and listen to you.


There is more than one way to build a business and its about taking the steps that is intuitively the right ones for you. There are many processes and marketing hacks out there, but they do not work for everyone. When building a business by your intuition and what feels aligned is making sure you are on the right path. Your path!



Why work with a Visionary?


A visionary like myself can see the steps to take that you cannot and really look at the business from a point of view that can expand and have an impact. Showing you the ways to reach limitless opportunities and not limitations.


These are some of the areas I help my clients with:


  1.  Help trust themselves and their decisions


We depend too much on others’ opinions, suggestions, and society's beliefs without truly pausing to see if this is really the right thing for ourselves and our business. We all have intuition and imagine if we all followed that for the goodness of others how life would be far easier. Your intuition will only guide you to what you truly desire and when we are on our path of prosperity and enjoying the journey and process you can only attract more of what you are experiencing.  Remember we attract what we put out. Leading with the right energy will only attract back the right results for you.


  1.  Spiritual connection


As a light visionary I have gifts that I use with my clients, I am an Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, and Medium and I see what others do not.  This does not mean I am a personal fortune teller for my clients, this is an opportunity for me to guide them and help them navigate with more ease, compared to if they were on this journey on their own.


  1.  Pulse on Prosperity®


Pulse on Prosperity® is a proven and effective technique I created to help you refocus and simplify your path of prosperity. You are meant to thrive in all areas of your life.


It helps you attract:

  • the right people in your circle
  • the right opportunities
  • the results that you desire

Pulse on Prosperity® shows you what steps to take and what to do to ensure the vision you’re working towards is met.

You have a dream that can evolve and expand and add greatness to this world and Pulse on Prosperity® is that step by step guide that is unique to you alone and will be steps only you take not anyone else.


If you would like to know more about how I work and more about Pulse on Prosperity®. 

 Wishing you love, light, and prosperity.


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