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How to break the hustling cycle as a business owner


Have you ever been super busy in business? So busy that you are missing the things that are important. Well, today's blog is all about being busy and hustling at business.

I don't like saying I have a very, very busy, busy, busy day, because that's something that we all fall into, this illusion of busyness.

But I've been really honest with you.
I am busy.

The reason I'm busy more than I normally am is because we have got some time off, and I had to regig the diary a little bit to get these people into my
business calendar. Did I have to do that? NO!


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But I know that there was something coming up for me, the thing is I didn't want my clients to think I'm not providing the service they sign for, or I don't have time to relook at catching up.

What I'm trying to say is I was coming very much from my head and not my heart. As I was taking business decisions from my head, my ego and not my heart my alignment.

We need to come more from a place of the heart than head in business. And this is where Pulse on Prosperity® comes in handy. How to come out of our headspace and really do the things that are aligned. And when things are coming up, it can be our ego. Or It could be things that we're so used to doing, an old belief system or old pattern, maybe even an old habit, an experience that we've had that we think that's the way we've got to continue.

So what to do if you do the same? If you are so busy always with your business that you spend most of the time in your head and not your heart? How to align your business with the energy of ease and love?

For me, I've used my own technique on my own self today.
I asked myself: What do I need to do?
The answer: I need to get out. I needed to get out of my head space.
But also I wanted to record this video.

So, I thought, well, should I be doing a video?
I've just left the office. I'm trying to switch it off.
Why not?
You know what, Rebecca?
You've not been doing that many recently.
Do you want to?
Yeah, I just want to just talk about that.

We need to just listen to ourselves more and be honest.
Always be honest. We need to really listen to those bad feelings, those frustrations, as well as all the good stuff and the high vibe and the high frequency and joy and the love and all for that.

That's what gets you through doing stuff.


Pulse on Prosperity® is also about listening to all those frustrating parts that come up, those bits, those niggles that you're still repeating that are not keeping on your path of prosperity.

And the one thing that I've done today is something I used to do years ago when I was really hustling in business, which I don't do anymore. I was in achievement mode and I slipped into that this week.

I don't want to do that. Who wants to be super busy in business that it's so boring.

So I've had to just use my own technique and go about:
How can I correct this?
How can I just recalibrate?
How can I just balance myself out and get back out of that old pattern and nip it in the bud quite quickly?

If this relates to you and you're doing things that are back into old patterns, I really want you to join our email list because this is what I'm doing with my clients day in, and day out. We're really making sure they're in the right energy, their mindset shifting and the steps that they're taking, their strategies in life and in business are those that are aligned.

Today's homework: I want you to really think of things that are aligned and those that feel wonky or off in your business. Share with me at @pulseonprosperity on Instagram.


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