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How to build Self Belief in Business in a moment.


You CAN believe in yourself and all that you do, self belief is the number one belief we should all wake up to and step into every day. You know when you believe in yourself anything is possible. Confidence is not easy for all, but there is a trick to get you there faster if you struggle and that is pausing for a moment and reflecting on where you are right now.

You don’t need to have all the money in the world or the material pressures we place on ourselves to determine if we are a success or not. We just need to pause and check in with how we are feeling right now, and what we have achieved overall to reach this moment. You’re still alive and that in itself is huge, you still have a vision, and desire to achieve XYZ for you and for others.

That vision of yours is meant to be met.

You have been working hard on what has been built to date. That is something you should be congratulating yourself for, if you go into the energy of not enough, impatience, and lack you will miss the opportunities in front of you to achieve what you are striving for.

I sometimes find my clients going down one of two paths when they are craving to reach their vision and push forward.


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→ One

You can go down a path of following others, which results in you “thinking” you are escaping judgment, doubt, and fear. This then results in you staying in the majority with everyone else within the industry you work in. You are doing the same perhaps bigger but zero expansion to what you really are wanting to do. You are wanting to do things differently and bring new ideas forward, perhaps be met with objections, or perhaps you are not courageous enough ( yet) to find those ways, and solutions to bring what you want to fruition.

If you have not seen others do it why would you think it would work for you? There is always someone who takes the first step and you can be that person at any point. Every day we have an opportunity to take the first step and see where the path will take us and if it feels good then we continue and take the next one. If it feels scary but also exciting you take it. This is how you are listening to yourself.

→ Two

There is a path of deep knowing, the steps you are taking to create the vision YOU want in your business and life are the ones that you know are right. Passion drives you, every challenge, obstacle, and stress that you encounter is not easy but you are open to finding ways to navigate them so you keep moving forward.

The Business Leaders I work with have said, “yes we want to do more around XYZ but our clients are not ready”

This is what I say - you’re on the first path I have just mentioned and these are not the right clients. Someone has to start wanting to take action to do more. You WILL find those clients that want the same as you. That’s evolvement. All industries should evolve.

How many are still in the last century? I can tell you more than you may think. This is when self belief needs to be stepped up, not just when you wake up but throughout your day. Remember how far you have come, you can go further.

I work with a client who is in a similar situation I have just described and they are stepping into a place of empowered action that they want to be known for, truly taking their vision and showing how it will change their industry. Discuss within their marketing, their customers/clients their stakeholders what needs changing and WHY. They are taking the first step. YOU can too.


This is what I do, I take you off that first path and help you navigate the way that you’re craving to go in business, and ensure expansion is what you’re doing.

If you would like to know more about how I work, please do look at what my clients are saying and how our work together has pushed them very much forward.

As always, wishing you love, light, and prosperity.


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