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How to move from managing your business to leading your business


How to become the business leader you are meant to be, well... If you're an established business owner with more than five years in this entrepreneurial life and still operate like a startup, you're going to want to hear this video. 

Listen, you need to get into the heart of what you're trying to do. If you're busy chasing your tail, still feeling like you're not getting to where you want to be, and you are still feeling like you're a startup but you've been doing this for quite a while, I'm telling you now, you need to really understand the things that you're doing in business and the things that you're not doing enough of. 


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Let me share with you an example:

I have a client right now who says to me,  "Rebecca, I wasn't signing up for being this team leader."  However, she needs a team in her business. She also needs to adjust and evolve and find out what she needs to do and bring in the right people into a business, to ensure that that team is being fulfilled and is doing what it needs to do without her feeling like she's putting the pressure on to be someone she isn't.

She is not a startup anymore. She is making a lot of money and she is truly making a change in the industry she is working in. But she can get lost sometimes. This is why when she first started working with me, she just felt like she wasn't really moving. Sure, money was coming in the bank, and teams were coming and going, but she just didn't feel like she was achieving what she'd wanted to do when she set it all out in the first place.


If this really relates, I want you to think about the 3 things you need to change to move from managing your business to leading your business


Number One:

Are you truly looking at your business from a higher perspective and looking at what is happening and what you've reflected on over the past six months?
What needs to change, what are you finding really hard to look at that isn't changing and requires to change?
Now, when I say get in the heart of your business, what are you actually focusing on?

Because if you're focusing on the external rubbish, which I see a lot of people do, the numbers, social media. Oh, God, the balance sheet, yes, sure, that's important.
But they're there for a benchmark. They do not dictate or determine how successful you are or your business.


Number Two:

Are not feeling fulfilled and prosperous in your business right now or are you seriously chasing your tail? Maybe you're doing some things that are not really in alignment and I am not saying that you're doing things wrong, it just means you're focusing on the wrong things. You are focusing on things that are not going to help you push forward the business.

Because when you are operating still like a startup even do your business has been functioning for years now, you'll find that you are not evolving. Growth requires in both the leader of the business as well as the business itself.


Number Three:

If you are still doing the things that you were doing five years ago, let's say when you started it, involvement needs to happen. If you are not making shifts with your team and they're not gelling as much as they should be, then involvement needs to be happening.

And if you are not coming home at night feeling like, yes, we are making some change here, we are doing something that makes a difference, then a shift needs to happen.

Pulse on Prosperity® (learn more here) is truly about getting to the heart of the business and making sure that those shifts do happen and involvement occurs.

So tell me, where are you at?


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