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Why networking is so important


Networking in business, as we know, is very important. And I'm telling you now why.

Networking in business will help you think bigger, better, and expand more. This will not only help your business and help you grow, but it may potentially also expand the industry you're in and make changes that you really want to be known for or even perhaps your local business community or local community.

Networking, as I say, is important. And the majority of the time the rule of networking is to trust, like, and basically sell your product or service to the ideal clients. Okay?

That is your motive.

You want to network in business to get your business out there, building some good relationships so you can sell your products and services.

Well, guess what... I want to bring that to the table.

But what I would also bring to the table is an opportunity for you to do more than just selling your products and services but to connect with the real why you are doing the business you're doing. Because I know there are so many businesses out there that have a real passion and vision for CHANGE!

Now, I say this a lot. This world is upside down. This world is so upside down. We are focusing so much on our heads staying in a place of scarcity and fear and wanting more and more. And we're worried that we won't have enough of it and power and control.

At some point, we're forgetting about why we're doing what we're doing in our business. We're forgetting about what's keeping our dreams alive.

What are you doing for your business and your desires and your dreams to keep that alive?
What are you going to really come into the heart of what you want and make it a reality?

Now, I know when I speak to my current clients, they have this slip. They go into their heads sometimes too much. And it's my job to get them out of that headspace and into that real passion of why they're doing what they're doing. And it is really exciting. They have the privilege of being able to decide to invest in someone like me to actually help them in that way.
I want to create a space for those that may not necessarily want that one to one mentor or want someone to mentor them, but they want a space where they can really look at, how they can expand their vision and desires and dreams of what they are currently doing.

It's another level of business networking.

It's another level where you can still build relationships, build trust, and actually get your name out there and all the things that you're doing and potentially sell to new people and get your products and services out there but you're able to do more than that and really expand your vision of putting it back into changing things in your industry.
What is in your industry that you wish you could change? What is in your industry that you think you could do more of?

Let me share some of my client's stories:

I've got a talent agency and I've got an insurance broker right now who's really seriously making some changes in their industry. They're sick and tired of seeing the same old thing and they want to step out and be those leaders that are actually saying this needs to change, we need to do things differently.

Are you somebody like that?

I've got a client who's really making some amazing changes in their local community helping women with domestic abuse really she's seeing things differently and I'm really helping her do that but these are people that have decided they want to invest in a mentor.

Now I want to talk to you about those that may be not have looked into that mentor but want that space to actually investigate more of how they can take their business and their vision further.
Do you want to know what I'm putting together? Pulse on Prosperity® is about keeping your business, your dream vision alive.

What are you doing to keep that alive? To stay on that prosperity that you're looking for?
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