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The Art Of Communication – How this can attract more Prosperity in Business and in Life


We are all Artists! I know as business owners, leaders, and professionals this may seem a very strange statement especially if you are someone who claims they can’t draw for toffee.

However, I believe we all are, like an artist we are creating a picture, or visual, story that others hear, feel, and see when we are communicating, and this is a dialogue that is unique to us.

We are the creator of our own story, and the words we speak create the story we are in. Those words influence others around us and can expand to a reach you never thought was possible. This is why in today’s business world and in our personal lives if you want to see change it starts with you and we must start to take more responsibility on the communication we are putting out there.

We allow so many distractions in our life it can take away the true words we want to say especially if the distraction is based on a foundation of negativity like worry, doubt stress etc. It can cloud our belief that anything is possible if we cannot change our perspective.

I am sure you have heard this example many times, when someone smiles at you down the street it can make your day and a smile back could make even more difference. When someone is laughing and you have no idea why but you can hear them laughing over and over again it can be contagious that you start laughing.

When you have someone who is grounded enough to not allow an escalation of an argument just by the calm aura they have around them you know that communication of all levels can spread so much good, that this can only lead to more good.

We rush, rush, rush and live by a clock of time that decisions cannot always be the right ones, we then find the art of communication is as important as ever to ensure all stays on track and only good comes from it.


For those in a Small, Family Run or Community Led Business, I want to share with you three points that could help you see how you can practice the art of communication and attract more prosperity for you and those around you.

1. We can only attract what we give out – So are you truly living by your own core values and mission. For example: if you are someone who has a core value of integrity, when you are in any conversation with those around you are you coming from a perspective of finding an outcome that is the right one for everyone involved. Not always easy depending of course on the situation you are in.

In business we must be coming from the business core values and ensuring those around us believe in them and are working by them also, otherwise those around the business will not understand what is trying to be achieved as a whole.


2. Is the dialogue you are having coming from a place that will only lead to positivity in some way and in my opinion truly showing a togetherness of support. More can be achieved if we work together, I always say that, in society, in family, business, communities I could go on. The days of Power, Control and Greed I truly feel need to be over and done with. Everyone can have the possibility of good in their life and we need to spread that through our day to day dialogue.


3. If you are into Personal Development you will love this! This is something that is a tell tale sign for me personally. If I am truly reacting or not taking personal responsibility on how I am contributing to the words I am putting out to the universe that is my shadow self shouting loud and clear “Rebecca you need to release this” “Let it go lady! This is not serving you”.


There is always a reason on some consciousness level that we are saying what we are saying and if you are hearing it and acknowledging that it is not attracting the results you are seeking then you need to dig deep to understand where this is coming from.

We at Pulse on Prosperity® are always looking to help small, family run and community led businesses truly practice their art in communicating to themselves and to those around them. They have a mission and are passionate about change and social impact in some way but sometimes this can distract them from how they are trying to bring those around them on their journey. Our passion and love for what we do can sometimes create a tunnel view perspective when hiccups occur. However, if you can truly practice your unique way of communicating with more of that positivity and love even when those challenges and obstacles are placed in front of you, I can guarantee more prosperity will arrive.

If you are interested in hearing more about the work we do, please do drop myself Rebecca an e-mail at [email protected]