Founder. Business Mentor. Consultant. Social Entrepreneur.

Rebecca has nearly two decades of experience with building profitable, sustainable and impactful businesses for herself and others. From the age of 14 she has studied business and its an area she is extremely passionate about. Achieving a BA (Hons) Business Studies degree and working with multi international companies she knows how businesses can grow in multiple of ways that are innovative and aligned towards the goals set out.

A Visionary for impactful, passionate & meaningful change. Rebecca works within different industries and stages of growth. She shouts out very loud how anyone, anywhere can access their prosperity and she is showing just how that is possible.

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Matthew Cross

Finance Director.

Someone who loves to make sure the numbers stack up for everyone. Matthew works across both Pulse on Prosperity® Ltd and our Social Enterprise Pulse on Prosperity® Working Together C.I.C. He is a true family man and offers support where ever he can.