How to build your business from your intuition

All business owners and entrepreneurs are on their own at the beginning of their business journey. It is them and them alone that have an idea and want to take that leap for their dreams to become a reality, and it takes courage, strength, and inner wisdom to do that. When I say inner wisdom, this is your intuition.

You know that feeling that excitement, that knowing when you decide to start any business something is calling you, how to begin, how to gain those first sales, how to take the first step of that vision you have created. This is your intuition speaking to you. It is calling to you and throwing suggestions on how to raise the working capital, where to look for premises, the advantages and disadvantages of starting out in the garage or at the kitchen table, or how to build that first team.

My point is as soon as you have decided you want to build a business you are already listening to your intuition. This is leading you and you are listening to your heart that excitement and belief in YOU and what is possible.