3 levels of consciousness that leaders have in common

In today's podcast, we are talking about "There are three levels of consciousness of a leader in business" 

Number one:

This one is when you are a little bit frustrated about what is going on in your business. You are in victim mentality mode. You're just not satisfied with how things are. You're not feeling it, and you're basically not taking personal responsibility for it. You're complaining about what everything is going wrong in the industry, but you don't want to necessarily do anything about it because your mindset is just not in that frame of mind to do so.


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Number two:

This is when you are in real masculinity, a real force. This is when you've done the business plan. You've got a successful team, the team's performing. You might look big and you're scaling, but you're just doing the same thing.
Things have evolved. Things have expanded, but somehow you've lost your way. Sure, everything looks great on paper, but they're still not fulfilled in your business. 


Number three:

The third one is when you as a  leader, are truly pausing far more than you've ever done before. You're just understanding day in and day out, why you're taking the steps and the decisions you are taking. You're understanding what is working and what isn't. And you are not scared. 

My questions for you now: what level of consciousness are you at as a business leader?


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