I work with so many different people at different stages of their lives and in different industries, that the team and I thought it may be helpful for you to see who we have helped as there may be someone who has a similar story or business that resonates with you.


Working with Rebecca has been such an eye opener. As a young business, the last couple of years have been an absolute roller coaster. But Rebecca has been the constant through it all. She’s always there to give me a boost, pick me up, cheer me on, give me a bit of a kick up the backside – you name it she knows what I need! And what I love is that she’s not just focusing on my business, whilst that is our main priority, Rebecca looks at everything that will impact your business and will help and guide on all fronts. Ultimately, she gets me, she gets my business and I have no doubt I would not be where am I today if it wasn’t for her vision, wise words and contagious energy. Thank you! -Nikki Pearson

“My client testimonial would not have been possible had I not started working with Rebecca. Rebecca’s teachings, unwavering support and personal development she has supported my through, gave me the confidence in myself, my capabilities, and my ability to succeed. Since the day I met Rebecca, I have never looked back and gone from strength to strength, in both my personal life and business.” Maxine Gridley


Rebecca is always there to help and advice. She's very practical and always ready to teach, guide and support me along the way. She doesn't hide anything and always there to give her best and brainstorm with me whenever I am stuck. If not for her, I would have been stuck and stayed in my comfort zone. Always learning and always motivated by what she does. She's a star - Lup Wai Chan


Rebecca believed in me every step of the way and inspired me to build the business that I deserve, which on my own I may not have done or may have taken much longer to achieve. Her business knowledge and techniques allows you to build a business that hits the ground running with very little financial investment. Highly recommended! - Rita Inacio


Rebecca turned my life around! By chance we reconnected as former colleagues and when Rebecca told me what she did I needed to know there and then how to sign up to her 3 month coaching programme. I had been wandering around in the dark, literally feeling my way with my hands but Rebecca was the much needed light. Her energy is electric and highly contagious and she taught me things about myself and my business that changed everything...for the absolute better. I thought I was clued up on business and tech but each week Rebecca would teach me something new and it was amazing. I was prepared to work hard and Rebecca believed in me. She showed me things that in a million years I would have never have learnt or even recognised that it even existed. My business grew more in the 3 months (and still is, week on week) whilst working with Rebecca than it did in 4 years. She had my back, still does and is by far the best investment I have ever made. -  Katie Bates


By week 3 of working with Rebecca, I had a strong foundation set, a new program on the rise, double my email list, and new members joining my group every single day. And an incredible boost of confidence like I've never felt!! I first learned of Rebecca Cross in another group and the day I joined her group, I just new something magical was about to happen. I took on a side job that I manifested because I wanted to work with her so badly, and knew that I didn't bring in enough into my own business just yet. I knew she was exactly the authentic, transparent person I needed to be working with. I also knew waiting to work with her would be the worst thing to do. Since signing on I've felt an amazing peace. Even my husband has noticed it. Yes, it has been hard work. Yes, I've done more in 3 short weeks than I've accomplished in 3 months - and not because I was lazy, but because I was spinning my wheels, getting in my own way, and second guessing every little thing. Yes, I could still be doing that, but I knew I was part of the 5%, and I knew she was the one to help keep that fire lit under me. Now, I know what I need to do, and I go out there and do it. Results happen when you put the work in. I'm seriously in awe of what all has transpired so far, and I have many more weeks ahead of me still. I never knew it could be like this. There's no second guessing when it comes to working with this amazing woman who gives and cares so much. You can't help but make sure you give her 150% because she gives you that too. I'm so proud to have Rebecca as my mentor!!! - Nancy Jackson 


"Since working with Rebecca, my thinking has gone from linear to exponential. As a coach, I have been aware that my cap is my hours, but Rebecca has shown me how to expand that thinking and provide more value with the digitalization of my products. I have also realised a long-held dream of becoming a digital nomad since working with her. I have been traveling South Africa for the last two months, and plan to continue indefinitely – running my business and absorbing the beauty in the world around me. My growth in mindset is only just beginning, and under Rebecca’s tutelage, I am becoming more aware of just how limitless it is. I will be Rebecca’s first millionaire before the end of 2021!"  Chantelle Botha


Rebecca is an amazing coach! She is so invested in her clients' success. She has gone the extra mile and provided me with so much accountability, guidance and support. Her energy is off the charts and her passion for her work is overflowing! Every budding entrepreneur needs to have a Rebecca by their side! - Bharati Hegde, PhD


Working with Rebecca is extremely empowering. Before I started Rebecca's programme, I was unsure of my direction. I had an idea that I wanted to help women in business but I had no idea how to form that into a profitable business. Rebecca has helped me to build a successful business strategy and get my business up and running within a short space of time. She is very high touch and supported me every step of the way. Rebecca has a world of knowledge and very passionate about what she does! It has been a phenomenal journey and I can’t believe how much my confidence and self-belief has grown in such a short period of time. Rebecca didn't just coach me but also became my friend which I will treasure. Rebecca is very motivating and has an incredible energy, you need to work with her to experience it. Thank you so much Rebecca! - Talia Zamora


I made my initial investment back within 8 weeks of our first coaching call! THAT felt so good. The one thing that shone brightly on meeting Rebecca, actually one year before we began working together, was her personality. Rebecca is a breath of fresh air and literally radiates a positive vibe as soon as you meet her. What is also apparent immediately is her infectious enthusiasm and genuine sincere desire to help and support all her clients to the highest standard. She really is a true ambassador of women in business and not just that but believing in their ability to do a business successfully! Something I needed at the time. I quickly connected with her and we began working on my online health coaching business from the grass roots. I had no clear branding, clarity on my ideal client or even strategies in place. Rebecca addressed each of these immediately. I always felt incredibly supported and she reassuringly hand held me through each step and I learnt repeatable strategies that I can use again in the future. Rebecca has a phenomenal ability to intuitively know what I needed. Giving me direction and guidance at the right time, in a clear concise foot-print to follow. She translated business jargon easily that would otherwise overwhelm and it felt like a light bulb had been turned on and she broke down the steps where I needed to support me further. It wasn’t just her business savvy expertise that I found useful, Rebecca also used her knowledge of NLP (brain re-programming) and Energy Healing to remove blocks and limiting beliefs I was holding on to. She supported me through some challenging weeks and within 10 days of launching and delivering my first Master-class I had 100% return on my investment. I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough. If you want to take an idea into reality or up-scale to another level. With Rebecca’s help you will make that happen! I am incredibly grateful for her knowledge, support and love throughout our time together. Thank you so much. - Marti Susanne Hobby


I feel so privileged to have worked with Rebecca. She’s amazing! Inspirational, intuitive, caring and supportive. She has such a positive personality. Always responsive and helpful. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely. I had someone wise to bounce my ideas with and help in clarifying my thoughts and plans. I set my goals. We monitored these on a weekly basis and this kept me focused and accountable; especially as I had to juggle so many things at the same time. We achieved so much more than I imagined was possible in three months and it was nice to celebrate every win. I have gained a lot more than I expected. I have a friend who is a knowledgeable entrepreneur, authentic and very caring. Everyone needs a Rebecca Cross in their life. Thank you Rebecca - Funmi Oduniyi


What can I say about Rebecca Cross ??? I know for me she has helped me in so many ways. Confidence boosting and will call you out (in a nice way) if you aren't committed. Rebecca has so much knowledge when it comes to business also she is an inspiring woman. Rebecca's Authentic programme gave me the tools to pursue my own dreams and I couldn't of done it without her. I will always highly recommend Rebecca. Hopefully in the not so distant future we will work with each other again. xx -  Sophie Powell


What an absolute LEGEND this woman is. I came across her videos on LinkedIn and loved the vibe straight away. She's absolutely straight up, no bull, motivational POWER. I have been in business over a year but having inconsistent results and lacking under pinning foundational processes and systems - which Rebecca helped me put right straight away. Absolutely LOVE the work we've done together and will continue to do. Such a good find! -  Laura Platt


I worked with Rebecca from late 2019 into 2020 helping to understand my goals and objectives for my personal businesses. Although I am an experienced Senior Marketer I needed help in guiding and redefining my WHY and bringing focus to my business. Rebecca helped me identify my key drivers and also to clearly identify why certain aspects of my portfolio were not working for me - as they did not deliver on these key drivers and personal beliefs. Rebecca is a brilliant coach, she is both strategic and hands on providing clear coaching and mentoring. I was drawn to Rebecca because of her direct and down to earth approach - she will tell you it exactly how it is! So, if you are not prepared for some "home truths" then buckle up for a hell of a ride! My coaching with Rebecca culminated in my stepping away from one aspect of my portfolio as it was at odds which some of my personal belief system and the relief that was almost instant having taken that decision was amazing - thank you. I can highly recommend Rebecca but, be warned, her approach is perhaps unorthodox which - for me - was what made it such a great fit and very rewarding. If you want honest, open, truthful and fun coaching that delivers results then Rebecca is the coach for you. - Viki Bell


I began work with Rebecca in 2019 and worked with her for a year. It was by far the best investment I have ever made in myself. I not only gained knowledge on how to run my business, but I also won the confidence to do it. Under Rebecca's guidance, I was able to implement strategies that I did not think I was capable of doing. She was there every step of the way to assist, encourage, and teach me. I felt safe within our conversations, and she held me accountable when I needed a nudge. Rebecca truly gives herself to her clients. I am grateful for the immense blessing of having worked with Rebecca. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who wants to move forward in his or her business and succeed. - Raheela James


"Working with Rebecca is a pleasure.  She not only knows my business inside out, but she knows me too. She knows what things I will struggle with, sometimes before I do, and what to try when something doesn't work. She is passionate about what she does and nothing is ever a problem for her. I can't imagine being on this journey without her and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a business coach."  Joyce Hardie


A good coach for me is the one that teaches you what worked for them. A GREAT coach is the one that leads you to find you what works best for you even if that didn’t work for them, and that what Rebecca is for me. She is a GREAT mentor, someone who listens, understands you and leads you to become your best self even if that means her secret sauce to success. She helps you shine your own light! - Maria C. Krause


I started working with Rebecca because on our very first call she made me feel so special - by showing so much belief in my business. I was confident that Rebecca would add value to me as my business mentor. After 7 months I can certainly testify that she has. My business has grown in ways I would never have thought of without her insight, wisdom and encouragement. I highly recommend Rebecca to help anyone who wants to grow their business. - Rachel Hands-Portman


Ah, Rebecca knows her stuff! Us coaches and mentors lose ourselves at times and need someone like-minded to help us get through and navigate some unchanged waters. In just a short hour, we were able to figure out how, why, and where! I'm glad we’ve connected. I am looking forward to working together on the next project. - Lina G. Rugova


Thank you for boosting my motivation and confidence in pushing forward with my home sewing business. She guided me on how to build my business and to generate more sales. I sincerely recommend her to anyone who are stuck and unsure of the next step. She's great. - Jane Sirel


What a lady, 4 wks of mentoring me in a direction of growing my business and skills. Did we have challenges! Yes Did she come up with solutions absolutely, a mind of great knowledge and passion, highly recommended. - Sian Scott


Rebecca gave her time freely in a weekly masterclass. I signed up for a session because of her experience in business and the way she explained things so that I could action them to move my project forward. She has a way of solidifying your thoughts into proper findings and valuable insights and actionables. She also helped me a lot with strategy and mindset. When I pick up more sales, I look forward to using her services in future. ­čÖé - Uwais Asmal