My name is Rebecca and I am a Visionary for impactful, passionate & meaningful change in this amazing world we live in. I am also known to others as a Business Mentor I Consultant and Social Entrepreneur. 

I have been busy since leaving university ( many moons ago now :)) taking note and learning from my knowledge and experience in business that when we work together towards a common theme like meaningful change, so much more can be achieved resulting in creating greater prosperity all around.

For nearly two decades now, I have helped to build prosperity for many people and build successful impactful and sustainable businesses for myself and others. This is within different industries and stages of growth. Regardless where anyone sits in the world, who they are or what they know, there are no limitations! Anything is possible and there are opportunities all around us! In fact the experience, knowledge and resources we all have can benefit anyone somewhere when we have a shared goal or vision.

How I help demonstrate this is by sharing my own Pulse on Prosperity® technique. This helps to show how you can truly start taking the right steps to build the prosperity you are working towards and how this can expand to those around you. Change is needed and we are all part of that change.

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I love working with Businesses, Individuals & Communities who know they can offer more and want to be part of impactful, passionate & meaningful change. They have a vision, dream, goal and not sure where to start or where to go next. Working together is powerful and if your interested to hear more about what I do and the work Pulse on Prosperity® are doing please get in touch.


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