My name is Rebecca and I am a Visionary!

A visionary who is contributing to more love, light and prosperity in this world.

Over nearly two decades I have helped to build prosperity for many people and build successful businesses for myself and others. I have learned over the years that more can be done when we work together so everyone has the opportunity to build their own prosperity regardless where they sit in the world, who they are or what they know!

There are no limitations. Anything is possible and there are opportunities all around us!

I have created my own technique Pulse on Prosperity® to show how you can truly start taking steps to build the prosperity you want and how this can expand to those around you. Change is needed and we are all part of that change.

Would you like to connect?


I love working with businesses, organisations and leaders who are aligned with this thinking of expanding positive change for as many as possible. Working together is powerful and if your interested to hear more about what I do and the work Pulse on Prosperity® are doing please get in touch.