How We Help You

By working together using proven business and growth strategies as well as our own proven and effective mind, body & soul technique created by the founder Rebecca Cross. We help you simplify and clarify your path of prosperity. You are meant to thrive in all areas of your life.

We help you attract


→ The right people in your circle
→ The right opportunities 
→ The results that you desire in your business


→ The relationships meant for you
→ A balanced life for your overall wellbeing
→ Greater clarity in your decision making

 Pulse on Prosperity® will help you achieve your goals and move you to your next level of success.  


  How The Pulse on Prosperity® Technique Helps You

 Our own Integration technique works for any Business, Individual, or community regardless of background, education and circumstance.

It is a technique that encourages a wholeness approach to connecting mindset, intuition, feelings and emotions so an individual or a group of individuals are able to make a better informed decision in their life, business or community.

In summary, the Pulse on Prosperity® technique gives a clear thought process around situations, decisions, goals & visions that are being worked on and to assist with taking steps forward with. This helps with clear direction of what steps to take towards the possibilities and opportunities being highlighted, coming from a place of passion, alignment and far more ease.





To Create Prosperity Globally By Working Together.

We believe that everyone has the opportunity for a prosperous life, regardless of background, education, or circumstance.

Prosperity is what creates a better world for all living things.

We can all thrive, however, those that survive don’t or can’t see the opportunities in front of them at times to see how to thrive once again. Anything is possible!

Change can and must happen, this is how the world evolves and expands.

You are part of that expansion!

We have started this journey of bringing this vision alive by helping more see how prosperous life can be, by working with those Businesses, Individuals and Communities that want to expand their vision that impacts more social change in some way, helping them navigate that vision and bring those existing and new ideas to life.


Positive Change – Working towards forward thinking change in all we do.

Integrity – Standing in our truth and doing what is right for all concerned.

Connection – Passing on Solutions, Opportunities and Inspiration to take the next step forward.


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