Where To Start When Embracing Purpose and Positive Impact in Business










Where To Start When Embracing Purpose and Positive Impact in Business

Join Rebecca this month for a transformative training session designed for Business Owners, Social Entrepreneurs/ Entrepreneurs, Family Run Businesses and Small to Medium Sized Businesses who aspire to integrate purpose, creativity, and positive change into their business models.

What You'll Learn: 

- The significance of incorporating a positive impact in your business growth.

- Understanding the various forms of meaningful change and their benefits.

- How a purpose-driven foundation attracts aligned opportunities and clients.

Training Benefits: 

- Deepen your understanding of purpose-led business practices.

- Enhance creativity and sustainability in your business model.

- Connect with a community of like-minded business professionals.

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✏️Pre training worksheet
 to ensure you get the most out of the training itself.

🧑‍🏫 A 60 minute interactive training lead by Rebecca with time to ask any questions you may have.

🕦 A live recording of the training in case you miss the session or want to re-watch in your own time. 

🚀 Post-training notes to ensure you are supported in implementing the learnings after the training.

🤝 Access to a supportive community where you may network, share professional resources and support each others development toward achieving your goals. 





Working Together

This community has been designed in a way that you can connect with like-minded individuals globally, sharing resources, knowledge, and experience that support each other towards personal/professional development. Opportunities to work with each other in areas that are aligned.


Monthly Trainings around Business, Mindset and Strategy 

Access to our community includes recordings of trainings that you can access any time, along with professional resources and workbooks to support and give you some direction towards your personal/professional development.



Motivation, Inspiration & Support around your Goals

This community thrives by working together and creating a safe space to ask any question and supports each other outside each other’s comfort zones. Along side the monthly training, we provide as a community (Monday – Friday) support to answer your questions on what you are working on and offer a range of monthly challenges to support you further.



How to take your ideas further when incorporating Positive Change

Date : Thursday 28th March 2024

What You'll Learn: 

-  Balancing growth when running an existing business.

-  The importance of incorporating your workforce and how it can benefit.

-  The importance of incorporating your community and how it can benefit.

Training Benefits: 

- Understanding how you can reach further with your brand awareness

- Enhance communication and transparency inside and outside of your business

- Connect with a community of like-minded business professionals.

How to grow your business by incorporating your local community

Date : Monday 29th April 2024

What You'll Learn:

-  Locally Vs Globally where to start.

-  The importance of understanding the mental and physical welfare of your workforce. 

-  Moving beyond limitations to embrace infinite possibilities and stakeholder collaboration.

Training Benefits: 

- Understanding and redefining purpose for the business 

- How to recruit and retain a workforce that benefits your business and your local economy 

- Connect with a community of like-minded business professionals.



Refund Policy.
We do ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months in the community as you are supporting each other towards big goals. However, your Pulse on Prosperity® Community subscription can be cancelled at any time. You’ll still have access to the subscription until the end of the period you have paid for.
If you cancel within the first 48 hours of a monthly subscription please contact [email protected] and request a refund, we may refund the cost of the month in which you cancelled.

Information Policy.
The materials and information provided in the Pulse on Prosperity® Community are intended for informational purposes only. Some of the information may be dated and may not reflect the most current legal developments, and the company Pulse on Prosperity® are not responsible for the accuracy or information you may act on from a third party.