Mentor. Visionary. Thought Leader. Founder of Pulse on Prosperity® Ltd and Pulse on Prosperity® Working Together C.I.C.

Rebecca is on a mission to shift the old business paradigm, helping bridging businesses and communities together and making meaningful change.

By working together she believes we create global prosperity.

"Everyone, no matter who you are, can achieve prosperity."

Rebecca guides with integrity, honesty and humour.

She inspires, entertain and educates. She embodies high energy, love and light.



Diagnosed with dyslexia and navigating early hardships, Rebecca found her passion in business, leading placements at IBM and Wall Street Journal. Despite personal setbacks, including divorce and single motherhood, Rebecca's entrepreneurial spirit thrived, leading her to found multiple businesses. Her journey into spirituality and energy healing in her 30s complemented her business acumen, guiding her towards a purpose-driven life. Entering her 40s, Rebecca embraced her vision for global prosperity through community collaboration, founding Pulse on Prosperity®, merging her love for business with a desire to create meaningful change.

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As well as taking a hands-on approach to group mentoring and her monthly training with Pulse on Prosperity®, Rebecca offers a limited number of spaces for 1:1 mentoring.

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The structure of mentoring with Rebecca is bespoke to the individual and their needs. To find out if this is right for you, book a complementary call by clicking the link below.

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