When you embrace Pulse on Prosperity, you start to ask “where has this been all my life?”. This genius application is something I increasingly use in work and non-work occasions. Behind the technique is the magnificent Rebecca. 

I have benefited from and enjoyed Rebecca’s mentorship through what has proved to be my most crucial and challenging transition, to a fabulous position of success as a female entrepreneur, with a growing coaching business in domestic abuse and toxic relationship recovery. Coupled with renewed personal strength and grounding to ensure my success spans 360 degrees through all other aspects of my life, top of which is being a positive and present mum to my children.

I cannot give a higher recommendation to others. Sunita Anderson - Find Your Phoenix

Rebecca is an incredible, supportive, wise, and passionate champion.  I am so grateful for all her help and guidance during our time together and for her good sense of humour which brought fun and balance to the process too. 

We regularly used the Pulse on Prosperity technique to guide, inspire, and provide a framework for my thinking and direction for my actions.  It’s a great tool to help drill down into the issues that kept me stuck from moving forwards and provided insight into thought patterns that I realised were no longer serving me. 

Sarah Elmer - Elm & Bloom

Using Rebecca Cross, Pulse on Prosperity® technique, and with Rebecca’s guidance, I have really been able to break down each aspect of my life, business, and anything I have needed to tackle by stopping and following the steps within the technique. This has help me not only grow my business with Rebecca’s guidance, but also get to the crux of each matter and take appropriate steps and make decisions that are the right ones for my business and myself.

I literally would be lost without Rebecca’s teaching, support and guidance. I can't recommend her services and techniques enough. Maxine Gridley

Rebecca has been my Mentor for over two years. We have held sessions consistently every month and she has made a massive impact on my career and my life in general. It took me a long time to find a Mentor who I would resonate with and who I could look up to. Rebecca has been able to help me see the limitations I place on myself and assisted in guiding me through breaking through those limitations. She has a way of reading people that is a gift that she uses to help others become better. 

Her impact on me was so evident that my CEO decided to initiate coaching services for all his senior leaders.- Uwais Asmal 

The community is great, Rebecca and the rest of the community support each other and provide advice. Rebecca also provides monthly training sessions to the community to help with self-growth and business growth by helping attract prospects while keeping true to your own values and beliefs. If you are looking to join a business community I would advise you join Pulse on Prosperity.

Jamie Buchanan, Squared Brokers