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Introducing Rebecca Cross

Meet Rebecca

I would love to share with you some (not all as this is not a book) ­čśŐ of my story to help you understand the reasoning behind why I have founded Pulse on Prosperity®

You will read and hear a lot from me that prosperity can be and should be accessible to everyone and I mean everyone, regardless of education, background, and circumstance. Not dependent on who you are, what family you were born in, where you live. No divide of any kind, no judgement, simply put, any individual can and should access their own prosperity! How I support this, is by sharing my own proven and effective PULSE technique and working towards bridging businesses and communities closer together.

How did I get to this strong value around myself, society, and life itself?

Rebecca in the Early Years.

There was a lot going on when I was young and those around me made decisions that were not always in the best interest for myself and my sisters, to cut a very long story short it involved members of the family going to prison, others suffering with alcohol and drug addiction and at points we have experienced foster care and being apart from loved ones I miss to this very day.

However, there were also some very good times. I also struggled at school, I went to many schools and from jumping from one school to the next I was missing chunks of the curriculum, one would cover something when the other hadn’t and vice versa and sometimes I just did not know where I was. I just couldn’t catch up. I was hoping to achieve 5 GCSEs at the age of 16 and I ended up with 3 GCSEs and to this day I still do not know my times table or have a qualification in Mathematics.

At 14 I was diagnosed with Dyslexia which was a blessing as I was then able to understand what I needed to do to obtain information and learn the best way I could. I have always been very visual, and it is clear now why this is the case. I have had some great opportunities as a child also, I have been in Public and Private school and been in the RAF and Army Cadet force which gave me some amazing skills and even flying experience in an aircraft that is no longer in commission called a Chipmunk. So, the early years were challenging but I have always been able to navigate the best way forward. Though not many GCSEs, I was able to get into college at 16 and I continued to pursue my passion in business. I started studying business at 14 and I loved the whole concept of building something from scratch and seeing what was possible from those foundations. I did well at college in the end (though I think one lecturer would say perhaps it was touch and go at one point if I would meet the grade, because I was around a lot of turbulence at home.)

I wouldn’t give up and I would work around what I could, and I would be resourceful to get me where I needed to go and then at 18 I did successfully receive a place to go to university. I couldn’t believe I got a place studying BA Hons in Business Studies and it was amazing. I studied at Solent University in Southampton, achieved a 2:1 grade and was blessed to secure a year placement at IBM where I really made an impression within Europe. I was awarded an Award for my work and $1000.

I remember when I went to the residential introductory course for the placement at IBM, the current placement students were sharing their experience and one said, if you can win the X award (I can’t remember what it was called now) you have done well. I said to myself I am going to win that. I did! However, it's important to note I did take one year longer to complete my degree. It was a 4-year course, and it took me 5. Why? Well, I was so relieved to be away from all of the chaos at the age of 18 I buried myself in alcohol and went down a self-destructive path, failing my first year. That was a wake up call, I worked so hard through so much and I was about to go down a path similar to other members of my family and I just couldn’t. So I brushed myself off, got a job not working in a bar but in a bank and repeated the year again. Never give up regardless is what I learned back in 1999.

20’s coming in

So fast forward a little, I started to really work hard and worked for companies like IBM and The Wall Street Journal, bought my first house at the age of 23, married at 25 all seemed to be working out for me personally. Then 27 fell pregnant with my beautiful daughter and my husband leaves when our daughter is 2 weeks old. I was broken because he was my rock, at this time I had an estranged relationship with all my family and though I was doing well professionally my husband at the time dealt with all finances, all decisions (I pretty much transferred all my salary every month and he dealt with it all.) I didn’t have a clue about bills, common sense seemed to have left me, never mind how to then be a mother.  It was a tough couple of years. However, once again, I found a way through adversity and used my two passions and brought them together. My love for my daughter and my love for business.

28 My first business was born. 29 my second, 32 my third and it goes on..

I know regardless of your education, your background, or your circumstance there is always prosperity right there for you to follow and I have always led with that and known how to find my path towards my prosperity even when I didn’t realise it.

Hitting my 30’s -

My early 30’s I continued to build a couple of businesses that did ok, not amazing but I was learning so much and really understanding what I loved and what I could do. I remarried, had two more children (boys) and continue to work for myself. I started a VA business and created some great opportunities as well as meeting some amazing people that opened more doors for me. Thank you so much to them because I am to this day grateful.

34 – I started my property company using other people’s money. That is right, I had no spare cash but I could see an opportunity to work with investors to help me build this company and I thank those people to this day who believed in me and helped me at that time.

36 – Is when I started Business Mentoring/Consulting and started to use my tools as well as my own gifts. I could see clearly where the future of business should be going, I just was not sure at this point how or when I was going to start taking my Business Mentoring and Consulting business to a new direction.


As well as a business leader I am a Visionary and I do have the gift of clairvoyance. I became an Energy Healer in 2017 age 37 and this is when my gifts returned. I have always known of my gifts but as a child I did shut them off. Spirituality is a very strong part of my life, and it has helped me greatly from following my path to where I am today.

Coming into my 40’s

I started to see that my way of working hard and shouting about how I can make you 6 and 7 figures turnover was coming from a place of ego and lack and I had lost my purpose. It certainly was all true what I was saying, I have always believed anything is possible and everyone should step into their greatness, and making money is easy but I was driving my businesses through the energy of fear, of lack, of worry. I was certainly building my businesses from ego and a very masculine energy. I didn’t want my children to have the same upbringing as me, so I went into this hustle hard mentality and it was taking me further away from why I was supposed to be involved in business in the first place. More importantly, why I should be helping others in their business. A lot of healing had started, and I could see so much clearer about everything. Businesses can do great things and when you have a passion for your purpose, and you involve others everyone benefits, prosperity is built from all directions not just the balance sheet. I had gifts and ideas that could benefit more than just me and I wanted to start that brave journey and start sharing them.

I believe by working together we can create prosperity globally and when you have the next generation to think about (I have three of them) I once again brought my two passions together. My love for my three children and my love for business and how businesses and communities can work together. Providing balance, love, security, great relationships, overall prosperity and so I then started to transition my consulting business into Pulse on Prosperity® and Pulse on Prosperity® Working Together C.I.C. I wanted to share with many as possible you can create the life, business that you know deep down is yours to build.