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Three Ways To Achieve Prosperity in 2024

Achieving Prosperity in 2024 with Rebecca Cross

Before we start. I would love to ask you to consider answering this question first.

What does achieving prosperity look like for you in 2024?

To help you with this question I am going to share some reflection on this year in 2023 as well as share with you three key areas you can work on. These areas will help you gain clarity around how you want your 2024 to look like as well as ensuring you do create the positive change and prosperity you are intending.

Over the year of 2023 the many conversations I have had and the work I have been doing with business owners and individuals is that they are ready for meaningful change, to step into a new era of prosperity that helps more than one. Ready for the new ideas to come to fruition and take a newfound navigation of bringing to life the big goals they are now not afraid to go for. They have realised the possibilities they can gain access to because they can now see a different perspective that also brings different solutions. More conversations and actions have taken place around the change needed in the industry they work in, the company they work for, or the business they are building. They have identified and acted on the skill set and knowledge they have that can make meaningful change and create prosperity that has a positive impact overall for their professional and personal life.

The good news is, the change that is being identified needs to take place and these business owners and individuals moving into 2024 are ready for this new version of how we build our businesses, create the work life balance we all crave and creating possibilities we are all capable of.

This time of year should not be in any way critical or pressurising around what has been achieved or what has not. What the balance sheet and profit & loss is telling us or comparing ourselves to others in our expertise or industry.

It is a time to refocus by reflecting and celebrating what has already taken place and to learn and grow so steps that are being taken are new, bold, and aligned to what is desired both personally and professionally.

Prosperity comes from one place and that is from what you whole heartedly believe in and the action you are taking to achieve it.



The three key areas you can work on NOW so you can gain the clarity of what Prosperity looks like for you in 2024 and how you can take steps NOW to make this happen:


This is an area when you look back on EVERYTHING in 2023 from the Relationships you have and those that may no longer be, the events you have attended/witnessed, the people you have met, the business you have or do not have or the career you love or perhaps are thinking needs a change. This is an area you look at everything the good, the not so good and the ok. This is a time when you are honest of what you have learned from all that you are reflecting on.

Action to take- Make a list of each reflection from Jan 2023 to Dec 2023. Note as much as you can because each reflection has a success story, a learning, or a reminder of what you no longer need or perhaps want to keep.


This is the best part. That list of reflection you have just made needs to now be celebrated because this list is going to help create a totally amazing 2024.

How? I hear you ask! Well, you must do something with this awareness not just make a note, set some new goals and hope for the best, this is why I do not believe in New Years Resolutions, they simply don’t work. You want to understand what you have learned and how you can move forward to ensure that 2024 is creating and attracting the prosperity you are looking for.

Action to take – From each of those reflections answer the following questions:

  • What did you learn?
  • Did you respond or/and react in the same way as before and if so were you expecting a different result? (We cannot keep repeating the same old pattern and expect a different result)
  • Did you grow from this reflection and how has it impacted your prosperity?
  • What from this reflection are you taking into 2024 and what are you saying goodbye to in 2023?


This is the part where expectations and pressure are truly off. You want to ideally create your prosperity from a place of clarity, belief, and action. The work you have done in areas 1 and 2 is huge and will be an eye opener of what you know needs to change. You should feel clear on how you want to move into 2024.

Action to take – Make a list from your learnings and from the growth you have identified all of what you know you want and what you know you do not want. Can you identify a theme perhaps that you want to take into 2024?

(for example – If you are identifying that your theme for 2024 is stronger boundaries perhaps look at the relationships that make your feel anxious, or uneasy or miserable, is there an action you can take to make these better for you and them as you move into 2024?)

Exploring is going into the 2024 with a new perspective and a detachment of expectation and simply using the awareness of what you have learned from 2023 and gaining more clarity how you want to live your life, run your business or lead in your career as you move into the new year. Clarity is key as when you have that you know whole heartedly what you want and what you do not want and how you can be part of meaningful change for you and others.

If you would like some help navigating where you are at and where you need to be going, I invite you to book a complimentary call by clicking here and we can discuss how you can achieve the prosperity you are seeking in 2024.