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What Happens When Businesses And Communities Come Together?

Learning what is possible when businesses and communities work together.

 I was watching an inspiring British businessman this week on the news, John Roberts, founder of AO, he was talking about the launch of the Youth Infrastructure Fund to restore investments in safe places for young people of Bolton to go. The reason this caught my eye and I wanted to listen to what he had to say, as I see this where I live and in other areas of the UK. There are not enough spaces, activities, events for the younger generation to attend and get involved in. 

Where I live in Salisbury, it is obvious there are limited choices for children, including my own, to do things apart from being glued to tech. In a nutshell, youth centre funding in this country is  declining. It is rare that I see youth centres putting on a good old disco (showing my age I know) but there are limited options and funding is being taken away.

All I am seeing is dependence on others to fix this problem when I feel we can create this prosperity in many other ways together.

In this case, let's take the younger generation as an example.

There are so many ways the general population can contribute to business communities and receive a return on their contribution, to them and the community. As business owners, we can create ideas that will help the young be active and learn and ensure they are safe, the parents are able to work without worrying about childcare and the employers have happy staff that are able to earn and fulfil their careers.  Plus, this is not based on volunteers, this is where everyone is doing what they love and getting paid for it.

Great Rebecca but how? I hear you say and perhaps possibly think that this is too good to be true.

Well, no it isn’t, and this is one example of what our Prosperity Habitats™ can do. This is when a group of businesses in one community work together and make the change together. Incorporating what they already know and implementing it in a different way.

Businesses can do far more than just sell a service and product and make money, they can create meaningful change, and can find solutions together that benefits everyone.

Do you see yourself as a Meaningful Changemaker?  You will be surprised how many business owners I meet that feel that is a big question to say yes to, they just want to do more and can see ways to make some positive impact and you could say John Roberts is certainly a meaningful changemaker.

If you know change needs to happen and you know you can contribute to it, then in my eyes you are a Meaningful changemaker.

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