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When should you invite a Business Mentor into your business?

5 reasons you should consider a Business Mentor

There are many reasons why you may want to consider inviting a Business Mentor into your business and it's not always simply to make more sales. To name a few, a Business strategy may need adapting, Mindset is requiring a shift, Energy is not aligned to the business as it once was or perhaps the big next step in the Business Vision needs help navigating. You don’t have to be brand new to the business to have a mentor you can invite a mentor into your business at any point on your journey.


I personally have always had a mentor since the day I started my first business. I had all the theories as I have been studying business since the age of 14 and had the privilege to work for some big corporations like The Wall Street Journal and IBM. However, when you start a business for yourself in practice it is a different ball game entirely. Regardless of how big a business is and how well it may be doing or not, it can be a lonely place when having to make decisions or to know what opportunities to take, and at the same time as going through a personal and professional level of growth, you might want to have someone by your side.


Over the years my mentors have been invited into my inner circle for many different reasons as I have evolved as a Visionary and a business owner. Some mentors have been there for Strategy, Mindset, and Spirituality. Throughout these three areas, I have learned over time, what works for me and what doesn’t, and how I can build my own empire successfully and help others build theirs. I have had at the same time more than one mentor as I have needed guidance in different areas and other times I have just had one. As you grow personally and professionally, mentors stay and some go and you realise that you need to move on to the next stage of your growth. 


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So, let's talk about what is a business mentor.

A business mentor, in my opinion, is different for everyone and all vary in how they work. I personally feel a mentor should not be there to tell you how to run your business by giving you orders on what to do, but only to guide you and show you ways how to navigate your own personal and professional journey so you are building a business your way and only your way.


Cookie cutter ways do not work because we are all unique and no one should be building the same business as another business. There is something that all businesses can offer that is different from the next and we all have that next level of growth to step into.


5 reasons, in my opinion, that you may want to consider inviting a mentor into your business.


  1.  Business Vision is not quite being met, (yet)


As I mentioned earlier, a mentor can be invited into your business at any point. I personally work with established businesses that are not worried about the sales of the business it’s more about their bigger vision. They can see where they want the business to go but are not quite navigating it in the way they wish they could, and they need help to see what they are not seeing. They are looking to evolve, and expand the business to the next level, it is the next big step for them. This is when you can bring someone in who can look at the business from a higher perspective, give counsel and be a trusted experienced mentor on what choices and opportunities are available to you as well as guide you with the right strategy for success. It is always far easier to see what needs to be considered when you are not always working in the business yourself.


  1.  The energy you’re leading with


We are all Energy and understanding how we lead with Energy is a game changer for many of my clients. Especially when they recognise what shifts for them on a day-to-day basis when leading with the right energy and not working in a place of force which in business is the norm for many. It should be ideally a personal balance of Feminine and Masculine energy being utilised when running your business and this can be hard for many to adopt if they are not sure how. I personally used to be very masculine and very salesy, and I made a lot of money. However, when I became an Energy Healer and studied more about energy, mindset, and universal laws I realised the more I balanced these two energies the more successful I became and the more aligned I was. It truly made me see that we really do NOT need to work hard and force everything to attract the prosperity we desire.  If you are a business that craves more flow than force in life, then this area you may want to consider a mentor for. I always touch on the Energy my clients are in, and you do not need to be spiritual to understand it. After all we are all energy and the energy you put out to the universe is certainly the energy you will attract back.  We interact with so many different energies every day we want to be feeling good daily so we can attract all we desire.



  1.  Mindset Shift


Business owners have a job to focus on the abundance in their business and not lack which can be difficult when your main role in the business is to provide a product or service for the exchange of money. We all want the money pot to grow. Mindset is one that can be hard to navigate for some as we have to fight the mind chatter and navigate the day to day of running a business and for some a team. Challenges are always around us in life and in business, price increases, economic pressures, delegation, and confidence in leadership. All these areas require a mindset shift to help you think creatively and navigate better with ease than struggle. We want to be careful we don’t step into the illusion of limitation when in fact we want to be in the energy or limitless because every single one of us is just that!


  1.  Establishing Boundaries


This is important as boundaries if not strong enough can have a huge impact in different areas of your business. How to stay within your boundaries is important to your growth and balance sheet. This is when you will see business owners struggling to charge the prices they should or allowing debtors to take longer than they should pay. Some clients I work with are saying “yes” to most things resulting in a desperate need for realignment and less stress in their lives. Understanding how to have boundaries in a business has more of an impact on your business than you may think. If you allow your boundaries to be crossed, you will be inviting in more of the results this creates. I have learned this lesson hugely over the years and my current mentor has shown me how to navigate this better than ever this year. I have seen a huge difference across all my companies working on this one area.



  1.  Business Strategy


This is one that we all need to be clear on in business, a strategy that works authentically and aligned when you are clear on how your business can work in flow and attract sales consistently. Many business owners can get lost in the day to day they have no clear steps on how to move from A to B to ensure goals and intentions made are being met. I personally feel that you need to always be working on three areas of your business. Business Strategy is one, however, before this be aware of the Energy you are leading your business with, and the mindset you are in, to ensure the actions you are taking with your strategy are the right ones.


There are many more reasons why a mentor would be ideal to work with you in your business, more knowledge, networking opportunities, collaborations, PR. I could go on and on, however, if you are wondering how I have mentored my clients, I would love to invite you to read some success stories here.