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How Energy Healing can help you be the best at what you do in business.

Experience Energy Healing with Rebecca Cross

Energy Healing has been around for years, and centuries, in fact, our ancestors have passed this on over time.  If this is a new concept to you, think of Energy Healing as a process of balancing our Mind, Body, and Soul and seeing this as one. This is a process that can promote the overall health and well-being of any person.

There are many ways to conduct Energy Healing and it combines, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects to enable the body’s natural healing ability. 

Over the years we have forgotten the true power of Energy Healing and how this can truly benefit our lives and yes business leaders.

Business leaders like you!


We are all energy and if you think about the reality you are in right now, this has come from the energy of your thoughts turning into the energy of your actions. When this happens, we shift energy overall and see ourselves in a different experience in different energy.


As business leaders, we can forget at times when surrounded by ambition, purpose, and love for what we do that we are not always balanced as one. However, when we are balanced and aligned in our Energy our potential as business leaders, heck as a person full stop is magnified to amazing heights.


One form of Energy Healing that I incorporate into my business mentoring is Theta Healing®  to ensure business leaders like you are working from the right place and can navigate their business journey far easier.


What is Theta Healing®? 


This is described by the founder Vianna Stibal “as a meditation training technique utilising a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body, and soul.” 

This is done by using the Theta brain wave. While in a pure Theta state of mind, we can connect to the Creator of all that is through focused prayer and truly see what needs to be released and worked on.

We have many beliefs and experiences, and this has a huge impact on how we make decisions and make the choices we do.


Personally, Theta Healing® opened up my clairvoyance and my visionary gifts and this is how I can see what others can not always. My gifts help me see how to navigate any journey easier. I see in many different ways and I am extremely grateful for the path I am now on.


What are the benefits of using Energy Healing in your business? 

It can reveal your creative potential – You have no idea how unique you truly are and we can be so fixated on old thought patterns and behaviours we cannot see what we are meant to do or do more of.


Fears, Phobias, and Addictions can leave you

There is a reason you have that said fear or phobia or train of thought and as easy as it was to create it, you can just as easily recreate it to something that is serving you and giving you love, joy and abundance be this in your business or life overall.


Your Spiritual Connection is deeper

WOW! When I first studied energy healing and opened my mind to what this was, my gifts truly opened, and it was one of the most important parts of my life. I have helped more than I could imagine already with my gifts, and I continue to do so. I see more clearly who I should be working with and helping in life both in business and in communities.


Heals Physical Illness.

It really does, but you must be open to it as this is a connection to energy and we all are energy. When you believe in this process you can heal, and I have personally done this with a Thyroid issue I had, and I focussed on that area of my body to heal and recovered far quicker than the doctors imagined. When you are running multiple companies as I do, you do not want to be ill and I want to be healthy and have a long life with my three children.


Assists With Your Own Freedom

You can see what truth is and what is not and make choices that you know are right for you and not what others are necessarily saying. There is always more than one way, and no one needs to do what everyone else is doing. I always say build your business your way not my way.


Assists With Emotions That Are Limiting You And Trauma

This can be anything from craving to being more confident to overcome a deep personal trauma. We all in business have had moments where we have not stepped into our courage perhaps as we should and aloud a fear, limited belief stop us.


Manifests Your Dreams, Desires, And Prosperity

Yes, this can be done, what we focus on, we attract and this is so important to note. We are always creating our reality and we can always change it and that shows how powerful you are as a person and a business leader.


Attract The Right People In Your Life

This can be your soul mate but also your work force, energy healing truly can help you recruit and retain the right people in your business as well as have the right relationships overall in your life. I love helping my clients build their teams as they always attract people for the long term and this helps them win and scale.


Some final thoughts to leave you with around Energy Healing.

Any energy healing technique can open doors and help you see the journey you are on right now and highlight what you need to let go of and what you need to bring into your life, business, or both.


Building a business and being a success as a leader in what you do in my opinion always starts with Energy, which will change your current mindset and ensure that the actions and strategy you are taking are the right ones.


If you want to hear more about Energy Healing and how I help work with business leaders like you, please feel free to drop me an e-mail at [email protected]