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Is your business on the right path?

Ensuring your Business is on the right path with Rebecca Cross

You may have perhaps heard the quote " your thoughts create your feelings, and those feelings create your actions, then your actions create your reality". 

To break this down you are creating your reality on an ongoing basis and it’s important to note as this will have an impact on your business and determine if it is staying on the right path towards that business vision of yours. After all, the vision you have is the destination is it not? 

Your business success as you will know is down to you. You alone. If results are not coming in as you would like this will certainly stem from thoughts, feelings, and actions you are taking.

So how can we make sure that what we are thinking is aligned with what we are wanting and not what we do not want? 

The energy behind those thoughts, feelings, and actions will be different, and this is important to gain clarity around. Everything is energy and this energy negative or positive will attract back what is being projected. Therefore, believing your thoughts and placing the right energy behind them is the first stage in your business to look at.

If you are focused on what you do not have, or what is not going the way you wish, the energy behind those feelings is not going to be aligned with positive feelings like joy, peace, and balance. This energy will not support you in taking empowered action when you are feeling let’s say uninspired or unmotivated, compared to when you are feeling excited and passionate.

Let’s go back to the beginning of your business journey

When you first created your vision of what you wanted and started to plan those first steps, ask yourself where did those thoughts come from? Those thoughts more than not I imagine came from a passion, a drive, an excitement of change you wanted to be part of. That change could be anything, but it was something you wanted differently from where you were when you created it. 


Energy shifts to support action that will empower a flame of courage to then ignite action that will then start a process of shifting reality. 

Read that one sentence again.

This is when you see any business on the right path.

What I have just described are pretty much the first 4 of the 12 Universal laws by simply explaining the above which we all activate on a daily basis (we actually activate all of them) but it shows how much we can complicate life especially in our business when we are feeling a little lost or not sure what the next step to take is. If you want to read about the 12 Universal Laws there is a 30 minute audio edition to give you a great introduction


So how can you ensure that your business is staying on the right path? 

For your business to be on the right path it needs to be working in harmony and in balance with you and those it is meant to serve.

Some Questions to consider:

Are you in Blame mode within your business or do you take personal responsibility for what needs to be changed?

It can be tough sometimes to not see situations that are not working out as lessons and growth especially if you’re having one event after another. However, if we can pause for one moment in these situations and look at our thought processes, and attitude and if we are seeing more solutions than problems it is far easier to move the business forward toward the reality you are looking for.

Remember we are creating our reality all the time.


Are you in a thought process of always less or always I have enough?

We can focus too much at times on lack and not see what we already have in front of us, practicing gratitude in the business and what that business has achieved so far is HUGE for progression and getting back on your path of prosperity.

Remember we have Abundance all around us if we simply looked at what we currently have right now.


Are you adopting the attitude of solution finding and the power of choice at any given moment?

We can change any reality at any moment by the choices we make, we do this on a daily basis all the time and we think nothing of it most of the time. The truth is if you decide to change and press the reset button you can do that right now. When you know there is a solution to where your business is right now, you can take the steps to guide you back on the path by listening to what you want and not what you don’t want, allowing you to tap back into the vision and ignite that flame to encourage empowered action.

So, which one of these do you feel you sit at? I would love to know what you think and how you have moved forward drop me an e-mail here and let me know.