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How to Lead Successfully in Business

Three areas to help you lead successfully with Rebecca Cross

I hear sometimes from those I personally work with that they didn’t sign up for ALL of the responsibilities of leading a business. They had a very strong WHY at the beginning when they started their business and of course, that business grew arms and legs and they dreamt of leading and being seen as the expert in their field. However, when it came down to the bottom line they have realised this is one heck of a journey and at times it really can be tough to navigate being a leader and being good at it.


Leading I feel we all can do if we have a strong desire to do so.

We all have seen in our history some amazing leaders, in business, politics, humanitarian work, and even those who were senior members of our own families.  Leaders are all around us and I want to try and simplify three trains of thought and actions for you to think about and to start to ask if you are adopting these right now, and if not, ask yourself why not.

It doesn’t matter if you are a large, medium, or small business, these trains of thoughts and actions will help anyone who wants to lead well in their business.


To lead successfully in your business you must be leading from your own Personal Values.

Everything we are striving for has to step from our authentic self. Every decision you make, every action you take, will have an impact on others. We are all connected as one in this universe and when we are building a business the idea as we know is to have an energy exchange, which is money for a solution we have that will help others in some way for good.

We as humans follow those that inspire us and encourage us to believe in what is possible, and our own personal values and beliefs are important when leading the way towards the vision that has been put in place, this is so we can secure its success as much as possible.

Personal Values are connected to the Business Vision.

Your business must also follow these values so all is working in joyful flow with the same intention. If one of your values is to do what you say you do and give your best, then your business should be demonstrating that also to its employees, stakeholders, and customers.

If one of your personal values is to show transparency then this should be carried through towards your business including your employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Leaders who do this I can assure you have long standing businesses and profitable balance sheets and are respected from all levels.


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To lead successfully in your business you want to share the FEELING AND RESULTS of that vision you have.

Sharing the goals and the vision of the business to all who are involved is very important, however, to truly communicate the feeling this gives and the results this will produce, and how everyone benefits from this can truly help motivation and productivity all around. When we are all for a cause and believe in that cause as a collective the vibration around everyone is so high it truly creates positivity to another level.

Positivity breeds more Positivity which generates Prosperity

Most of my clients have a vision that contributes to meaningful change in the industry they are in. When they explain why they want to truly make this change and not just to build a business and make money they are already operating at a higher level of perspective and in the energy of inspiring. This in turn starts to generate fulfilment and wanting to be part of something that is far more than just a business.

This brings me onto the final train of thought and action.



To lead successfully in your business you want to be educating and encouraging growth for all.

If you have all stakeholders in the business truly believing in the vision of the business and each individual can see how crucial their role is, towards the goals set out, you then have collective energy in the business that is truly committed and wants to be part of the vision not simply help execute the vision of the business.

This is then a win: win situation for all. I would challenge you now if I may,  to ask - How can those individuals be better at the skill set that will not only benefit them but also benefit the overall success of the business?

Showing support and passion to those that you are working with within your business and nurturing their development as well as the overall business is truly showing a leader stepping up to another level. Treating everyone as equal, taking EGO away, and truly looking at each individual and seeing them as their unique self, as well as seeing clearly how great they are in their role and what contribution they bring to the business.

Ask yourself again - What would help them grow, evolve and light their contribution to the business brighter that in turn will naturally keep the business evolving?

I discuss this many times with leaders, those who may have more of a pay cheque and responsibility compared to those who have less are no different. Contribution is different and deserves the same respect equally, as everyone is working towards the main goal. Therefore if leaders can show how you can educate more and encourage growth in each individual you will see a business being lead not only authentically, but successfully.

These three trains of thoughts and actions you can start looking at today, ask yourself if you are adopting these, if so which parts are working well, and which ones need revisiting. If you are not using these, I invite you to give them a try; it will only bring positive results.