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How to deal with negative emotion in business!

Walk through the steps with Rebecca how to run your business with less stress and more calm when met with those challenges.

Running a business as we know can be a rollercoaster of a journey, one moment we are feeling on fire and loving the ride, the next we hit a dip, and emotion can override and we can feel like it is all going wrong.

The good news is this is normal, we are human. However, what many do not give themselves the opportunity to do, is to understand where this is coming from and how to get back to moving forward positively. Instead, we sometimes stay in that place of negative emotion allowing the mind chatter to kick in and take us to a place of standing still or worse right off our path.

The first step to take when we feel negative emotion around our business and those we are working with, is to pause there and then and ask ourselves “why am I feeling like this?”

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This may sound very simple and obvious but what many do not realise is there is a huge part of you (your heart) showing you, that this negativity of emotion coming up is not actually about those around you or the business itself, it’s actually about you!

Let’s use an example – you’re in a conversation with someone in your business and you are feeling there is an element of manipulation towards you, or perhaps you are judging them, or your feeling judged by them, this could be raising emotion that simply is not making you feel happy or aligned.


Now there are two ways you can go with this.

  1. You can feel negative emotion around this person and the situation and then come to the conclusions you may around what they are saying, then allow this to influence the next step of action.

Now, what to note here is that the next step of action may not be the right step to take as you are now focusing on everything that is negative which can only bring more negativity.

  1. To pause and ask yourself “why is this making me feel this way?”

This is an opportunity to allow yourself to stop, pause and ask yourself this very question.

It is a game changer as you have time to allow the mind chatter to stop and allow you to look at this and work out what is coming up for you. Something we never allow to happen, because in business especially “we are too busy” we are going at 100 miles an hour. But imagine if you were able to look at this differently and the next step of action you took changed your outlook of you and your business.

Let me explain further.

For this example, I am using here, if you felt manipulation or being forced down a direction, you’re not 100% sure is right for you or your business, have you ever thought it may be a sign that you need to stand your ground more and go for what you want?

Or perhaps this is about judgment and when judgment comes in from any place, is this simply highlighting something that you could be doing, perhaps you crave to do or want the courage to do yourself?

If you go down the route of pausing and asking yourself that very honest and easy question the great news is this could result in not only you moving forward but creating a completely different result you never thought was possible.

My point is that when negative emotion is coming up, it's coming up for a reason. Your heart is speaking to you, your entire body is speaking to you and this is always in your favour.

You are being reminded to pause, listen and investigate what you truly and honestly want to do with this information you have been given. You have the choice there and then to look at that negativity and turn it around to positive movement.

I’ve found that my own growth has exploded the last two years both, personally and within business when I pause to the negative emotion that comes up within me when I’m around someone else and in my business.

What I have realised repeatedly is that it’s not them, they are on their journey and I am on mine, my heart is shouting out so loud:

“Listen to what your feeling”.

We are being spoken to on an ongoing basis, your inner voice can be very loud coming from a mixture of directions. What we need to do is listen to what is guiding us, as this is not our mind it is our heart speaking.

Those feelings are directing you to change course for a reason so that you do not keep working within the old habits. Your heart is speaking to you because you are not liking how you are feeling, which is bringing up negativity.  

It’s a positive moment of time to evolve from this and take action to ensure new habits are formed and you can take the direction that brings you calm and that feeling of “this feels good”

If you encounter this today - someone triggers you, makes you feel angry, whatever it is. I invite you to pause and ask what your heart is telling you.

You can continue down route number one feeling all the negative emotions around this person and that situation and then come to the conclusions you may around what they are saying and then allow this to influence the next step of action, which I have mentioned above will more than likely be focussing on the wrong things. Or you can change course to route number two, pause, and ask yourself “why is this making me feel this way?”

Listen to that and then take the cause of action you know will create the results you are craving.